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The Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations Symposium by D.H. Kerby

Special to, written by D. H. Kerby The Permanent Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations held a symposium […]

The Poverty of Hillary Clinton

Another Top Female Journalist Herded Outrageously Out of the Corporate Door

Sometimes you just throw up your hands in bafflement at a story that seems to strike a new low in […]

A Major New War on the Second Amendment

Against the context of all of these news stories (Adelaide, Moncton, now Las Vegas) of crazed gunmen on a “lockdown” […]

Canada in the Crossfire

Mark Taliano, who is a crackerjack reporter on fascism in Canada, has wisely posted this link from 2013 to contextualize […]

The Feminine Leadership Mystique

Bring Back All Our Girls. And Boys.

The media is laser focused on 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria and threatened — in a highly unusually dramatized way […]

Football Versus Freedom

This is too disturbing to contemplate …

This is too disturbing to contemplate: here we have a rider to a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security. […]

Fascism with a Feminist Face by Naomi Wolf

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