The coming drone attack on America

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2 Responses to “The coming drone attack on America”

  1. avatar John Howard says:

    The perverts who call themselves ‘government’ are indeed purchasing drones. They will not be listening in on you because they make so much noise, but they can photograph you.

    You can have one yourself. The keywords you need for shopping are ‘RC’,’quodcopter’ or ‘multi-rotor’, ‘gopro’, ‘FPV’, ‘fatshark’, ‘rc drone’. Spend some time shopping. There are a lot of options, so you need to spend a few hours reading to catch up to the morons in the pentagon. Skip TV one evening and just imagine all the uses you will find, such as trailing swat teams and politicians. Have fun.

  2. avatar John Reading says:

    I want one!! So far, a glance says I can have one for around $1000 or less that should be suitable for hovering over pigs during a peaceful anti-government protest. A high-res GoPro camera might be a bit more, but could be worth it for high quality YouTubes. Bring it on, ruling elite!

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