Star of Hope Children’s Centre

My dear childhood friend Selah Brown has done wonders with this organization — please help them help the kids of Kenya!

Star of Hope Children’s Centre … Hope for One Child at a Time, One Dollar at a Time.

Star of Hope, USA is a small 501( c ) (3) non-profit organization that raises money through local fundraising events in Seattle, WA for the Star of Hope Children’s Centre in Bungoma, Kenya. Star of Hope is a home for local orphans who have lost their parents due to the rise in HIV/AIDS, armed conflict, abandonment, malaria and other diseases. Star of Hope is also a school that caters to the villages most vulnerable children. We work directly with – Leonard Muylele, the Executive Director of the Star of Hope in Kenya, to provide for the growth and sustainability of the center as a school and a home. With the money we raise through local fundraising events in the States – we’ve been able to plant two new acres of food crops, and build new classrooms and dormitories with space for 60 children, complete with bunk beds and mosquito nets. We’ve built a water cistern and capturing system that will collect rain water and store it year round for use with crops, cooking, cleaning, drinking and personal hygiene. We started an educational sponsorship program called “Education Angels’, that raises money for the sponsorship of individual children’s tuition and education on a yearly basis, and has allowed us to raise enough money to pour the foundation for a new kitchen and dining area. This year our Holiday Ask is “Cash for the Kitchen” – we are asking people to help us raise the money for two new fuel-efficient stoves, pots, pans and cooking utensils (photo attached). We are also looking for leads on water purification systems for use in the newly built cistern. Future goals include electricity, modern bathrooms, running water and systems that will yield more year round food sources. Our mission is to create a safe and loving environment that allows the orphans of Star of Hope to prosper as children, and into adulthood.

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