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Naomi Wolf: “Can you explain a bit more on HOW emotions get stored in the vagina — from a scientific perspective?”

TamiKent250Tami Kent: “In my work with women, and I’m seeing (in many ways) the already enlightened women, I’ve been shocked by the level of disconnect to the vagina and womb and lack of truly embodying the capacity of this creative space. It led me on my own search and my desire to put words around how to come back to this center. You are bringing this right into the feminist arena and if we as women want to take the next steps we need to talk about it. I can bear witness, after working with more than 2000 bright women, that every one of us needs to make the journey to discover the biography we are carrying and choose what we intend to carry forward.

“How to describe this scientifically? I’m not sure science has the tools yet to understand the energy potential of this doorway within and how women have yet to embody it in a collective way. I think the research by Brene Brown about the effects of shame on impeding one’s ability to live whole-heartedly (with her qualitative research) comes close––then multiply times 100 for the pelvic bowl where shame is encoded for gender, sexuality, menstruation, body image, the feminine, and so on. And that it is encoded cellularly in our mother’s womb where we begin (as well as the fact that we are an egg in her ovary from when she is a fetus) so there are layers of encoding and often shame. That is something we need to acknowledge and then clear from ourselves in order to be able to embody the pelvic bowl in a daily way––and the difference between embodying it and stepping around the shame is like living two distinct lives.

“I personally feel that we come in as knowing our sacredness, and that the first separation from that occurs because we drop into the pelvic bowl and shame. But if the mothers understood and held that space in themselves as sacred––what a difference.

“Gosh–there are so many stories of clients. We might just want to have a conversation together. So many amazing stories about the ways we have neglected this part of the female body and the healing potential that is there if we access it. One jumps right to mind: a client came in for support to heal pelvic pain that arose after breast cancer treatment. In twelve years, she had been unable to have sex with her husband. After one session of pelvic care (it has to be skilled with good hands to work with the fascia) she went home that night and made love FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS! They made love for 4 hours–her husband said “pay the lady!” And this is often a side effect of cancer treatment that is not even being addressed because no one seems to know about physical medicine for the vagina and pelvic bowl…in large part because of the shame and lack of connection. I could go on about the healing I’ve witnessed with postpartum, sexual trauma, rape, low libido, pelvic pain, birth loss, abortion, gender shame, desire and creativity, mother wounds, etc. Or the fact that our professional lives typically don’t sync with the creative rhythms of our female bodies––effecting our creativity and life satisfaction.”


Tami Kent is a holistic women’s healthcare visionary, as well as mother and writer, who guides women in activating the energy of their bodies and reclaiming the wild in themselves. She is the author of Wild Feminine and her latest book, Mothering from Your Center comes out in Feb ’13.

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