What’s missing from this diagram?

From Wikipedia’s entry for “body”:

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8 Responses to “What’s missing from this diagram?”

  1. avatar jimvj says:

    There were a few awkward years after puberty when I began to doubt its existence too.

  2. avatar Brian says:

    From when and exactly what entry? Curious as to how an easy to contribute to source like wikipedia could wind up like that, I went to look myself and remedy… But body in wikipedia is very general with no diagrams I see, merely links to other articles including “human body” which has photographs not line drawings and does label the vagina. Looking back on the public history, it would appear to have been photos for at least a couple of years – though the photos themselves have changed. Earlier versions labeled both merely “genetalia”.

  3. avatar Rimtuti Tuki says:


  4. avatar Dani says:

    I assume that the “Arm”-“Palm” part on the “male” figure is supposed to be like, assumed as also being present on the “female”… Does tat mean I’m supposed to assume that “female” genitalia is supposed to be some type of variance of a penis? (Does everyone have one? Are we all gay now?) Or that only men have the “Arm”-“Palm”+”Penis” Body parts?

  5. avatar amy says:

    Vulva! Vaginas are inside the body. Women have external genitalia which are visible in the diagram, but the vagina is not.

  6. avatar Jaideep Hora says:


  7. avatar Robert G says:

    To be fair, scrotum is missing too…

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