Naomi Wolf on “Vagina: A New Biography” – speaking from the Royal Institution of Great Britain [VIDEO]

This talk took place on September 6th 2012 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

In this talk for Intelligence Squared she explained how the latest neuroscience reveals fascinating new discoveries about the vagina and female wellbeing, and discussed sexual relationships, pornography, history and literature. She showed how men can learn more about ‘what women really need’, and how women can experience themselves in a new way.


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9 Responses to “Naomi Wolf on “Vagina: A New Biography” – speaking from the Royal Institution of Great Britain [VIDEO]”

  1. avatar Jill says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. The timing of sharing this is impeccable, given the current state of affairs for women all over the world. This takes the work done in the 1970’s by women to the next level. I look forward to reading your book.

  2. avatar asder says:

    umm history and the culture around the vagina…….must be hell of a culture living near everyones vagina :D

  3. avatar David Hauser says: password: lingerie

    This is my stage and reality show that teaches men about what women want from love and romance. Thank you for your work we must change the way the world looks at women.

  4. avatar Chantell Snyder says:

    Can’t WAIT to get to get this book! We may not always agree on everything Naomi, but I’ve always liked your books. I’m reading “The Beauty Myth” again. GREAT book! Thanks for following me on Twitter! Also, you are still VERY pretty! And thanks for being so open-minded to different opinions and ideas!
    Chantell Snyder

  5. avatar Hank says:

    Sexuality as a life force for happiness and well being is instinctively known by great lovers and now proven by a lady of letters and backed up by scientific study. Via guilt moralized repression, societal mores guard against female erotic epiphanies as a disinfo tool of population control. However, revelations in Vagina: A New Biography enlighten that there is no more positive power on earth than the nature, art and pleasure of female sexuality.

  6. avatar Fred says:


    I just discovered another dark secret which has not been discussed enough. Porn can cause erectile dysfunction. It seeks to have happened to me! I had no idea! When will someone lllok at this in the way you have looked at female response?

    … Fred

    • avatar Alain says:

      Fred, I have had a similar experience. In my case, I cannot be certain how much porn has been the cause, because I am now 80 years old :) I also notice that porn may have focused my attention to particular fetishes in my attentions. For one, I greatly prefer very young women, particularly, slender-petite women. Older women, who do not stay in shape, do not interest me physically, though they may interest me greatly otherwise. Staying fit is an individual responsibility; so I do not blame myself for my sexual avoidance of most mature women. Many of them would not want me either, simply because I am 80 yo. Their loss!

  7. avatar Hank says:

    Male impotence is due to obesity and/or alcoholism, and not voyeurism per say. And porn bashing has no place in an open-minded treatise on female sexuality. The prude police spirit behind bluenose anti-sexualism is a byproduct of the same puritan mentality that led to female sexual repression in the first place. To sing the praises of the vagina yet badmouth adult entertainment is to return back to primitive sex-is-evil square one.

  8. avatar Alain says:

    Now that Ms Wolf has shared the podium with Michael Faraday, I think there is no greater evidence of the male desire to please women. In particular, men get great satisfaction from believing they please their women, as any successful call girl will tell you. The stereotype of a man who takes his pleasure and leaves a woman (and her vagina) carelessly is a false representation of male behavior. Many women shave their private areas because the women know that they and their men enjoy vaginas, clits, vulvas, orally. I think the discussion is, pardon the expression, overblown.

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